The Dos and Don’ts of House Cleaning: Expert Advice

The do's and don'ts of house cleaning

Hey there! Are you tired of spending hours cleaning your home only to find out that it still doesn’t look and feel as clean as you want it to? Well, it turns out that you might be making some common cleaning mistakes that are hindering your results. That’s why today we’re going to talk about the dos and don’ts of house cleaning and provide you with some expert advice to help you clean your home effectively and safely.

Dos for Effective Cleaning

  1. Use the right cleaning products: Different surfaces require different cleaning products. Always read the label and use the appropriate product for the surface you’re cleaning. For example, use a wood cleaner for wood floors and furniture, and a glass cleaner for mirrors and windows.
  2. Clean from top to bottom: Always start at the top of a room and work your way down. This will prevent dust and dirt from settling on clean surfaces.
  3. Declutter before cleaning: It’s important to declutter your home before cleaning so that you can get to every surface. Clutter can also harbor dust and allergens, so get rid of anything you don’t need or use.
  4. Dust before vacuuming: When you dust first, any dust that falls onto the floor can be vacuumed up later. If you vacuum first, you’ll just end up stirring up more dust and making more work for yourself.
  5. Use microfiber cloths: Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning because they’re more effective than regular cloths at picking up dirt and dust. They’re also reusable, so you’ll save money in the long run.

Don’ts That Can Damage Your Home or Health

  1. Use too much water: Using too much water can damage surfaces and lead to mold growth. Always use the minimum amount of water necessary when cleaning.
  2. Mix cleaning products: Mixing cleaning products can be dangerous and lead to chemical reactions that produce harmful gases. Stick to one cleaning product at a time.
  3. Use abrasive cleaners: Abrasive cleaners can scratch and damage surfaces like countertops and floors. Use a gentle cleaner instead.
  4. Forget to wear gloves: Cleaning products can be harsh on your skin, so always wear gloves to protect your hands.
  5. Clean everything with bleach: Bleach is a strong disinfectant, but it’s not suitable for every surface. Avoid using bleach on surfaces that can be damaged by it, such as wood and granite.

Expert Tips and Advice for Better Cleaning Results

  1. Use a squeegee on shower walls: Use a squeegee after each shower to prevent water stains and soap scum from building up on your shower walls.
  2. Use baking soda and vinegar for tough stains: Baking soda and vinegar are natural cleaners that can be used to remove tough stains from surfaces like sinks and toilets.
  3. Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming regularly can help to reduce allergens in your home, which is especially important if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies.
  4. Clean your cleaning tools: Make sure to clean your cleaning tools like mops and sponges regularly. Otherwise, you’ll just be spreading germs and bacteria around your home.
  5. Hire professional cleaners: If you’re short on time or just want a deep clean, consider hiring professional cleaners like Lara’s Maids. They have the expertise and tools to clean your home effectively and efficiently.

In conclusion, following these dos and don’ts of house cleaning will help you to clean your home more effectively and safely. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals like Lara’s Maids. And speaking of professionals, check out our testimonials page to see what our happy clients have to say about our services.


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